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    Structured Intervention

    Anyone experiencing the harmful effects of any addiction can find a path to recovery through early intervention, appropriate care, family involvement and ongoing aftercare support.

    Alcoholism, drug addictions, gambling and eating disorders are progressive and chronic diseases that, if left untreated, will result in the premature death of someone you love.

    Help is available! No one has to hit their absolute bottom before accepting help.

    Intervention services work!

    If you are exploring this website it’s time to take action. Nothing can be gained by waiting. Crisis comes and crisis goes, but with the disease of addiction, we don’t get to choose the consequences our loved ones will face the next time.

    If now is not the time, ask yourself: How much worse will it have to get before you are willing to act?

    Will carrying out an intervention make matters worse? – NO! …….. please read on:

    Structured Intervention is:

    • Presenting truth to a person out of touch with reality in a receivable fashion.
    • A procedure by which a group of caring people together with a trained professional in a caring, non-judgmental process confront an addicted person in an effort to break through that person’s denial about the nature and seriousness of the problem and present the reality of his/her actions by those who are adversely affected by them and get the person to some kind of treatment, before they destroy themselves or others.


    ALL Structured Interventions using the Johnston Institute method as I do are ‘successful’. The dysfunctional scenario in your family will never be the same again as you will learn how to stop causing the dysfunction to continue. Your family will start to recover – even in the unlikely event of your loved one not accepting the need for help. Over 90% of all Johnson Institute method Structured Interventions cause the individual to immediately seek treatment; another 5% wait a week or two and go into treatment. The balance of 5% unfortunately do not.

    The Six Steps of an Intervention

    1 – Call for help – 07920 516 324 I will assess your crisis & determine the appropriateness of an intervention.
    2 – Initial Planning I will guide you through the process of organizing an effective structured intervention – to choose a possible team, dates & treatment options.3 – Pre-Intervention educational session(s). Typically scheduled the day before the planned intervention & lasting 3 to 4 hrs, we talk about addiction, its impact on family, friends, co-workers and others. We discuss what the treatment course & recovery process will involve. Finally we prepare written statements to share during the intervention.
    4 – Pre-Intervention rehearsal session, to rehearse delivery of data, define order of delivery & a plan of action.
    5 – Intervention. Typically scheduled for the following morning, this usually takes about 1-2 hrs. If the individual accepts help, they will immediately go to treatment. If they refuse help I will assist you to carry through your planned consequences.
    6 – Post-intervention consultation: after the intervention, we meet to put closure to the process and I will help you start your own path of recovery and healing.